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Thus, one has to answer the new public questions without giving up our self-evidence. For example, none of the organisations listed above have long-standing commitments to very complicated and specific urban problems like homelessness, social exclusion, integration, violence on the streets, the usage of urban space by different generations, accessibility for people with disabilities, etc. Kui Brandy tapeti seetõttu, et ta paljastas mõne maagilise ohu, seisab Hawthorne'i linn ees midagi lahtisele nukele sarnast. Speaking and thinking about urban space is a growing trend: for example, the major political parties in Tallinn are already preparing for the upcoming local elections in by trying to define the city of the future.

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Ibowski, Rainer An intelligent dialogue needs a basis, i. One tact is immediately evident, the basis o dialogue varied during the last decades. The sixties were characterized by a Fat Burning Wobblei plaat and objective formulation of questions: people wanted to understand nuclear power and its peaceful utilization.

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During the seventies this discussion was slowly replaced by a dialogue about the necessity and impacts of nuclear power: people wanted to understand the social role of nuclear issues. From that time on nuclear industry became the example by means of which the structure and the development of the national and the international society have been discussed.

The beginning of the eighties showed a slight return to a balanced dialogue up to the shock of Chernobyl which pushed the social discussion to a new peak.

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The nuclear community certainly notified this development. Public relations strategies tried to deal with the changing public interest from purely technical questions to those related to the human society and the standard of values.

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But apart from a certain time lag a severe handicap appeared: a common language was missing. Dialogue will only have a future chance at least with a broad majority of people if the pros and cons of nuclear power mutually agree upon a common and essential assumption underlining all different approaches: mankind has to improve the conditions of life on our limited globe in order to meet the threatening challenges of the future.

How can one trigger this process towards a new confidence? The problem is two-fold.

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Nevertheless, nuclear power is such a material precaution. Thus, one has to answer the new public questions without giving up our self-evidence.

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Absolute correctness and honesty in putting questions and giving answers is essential. It is a must to tackle uncomfortable issues to avoid further loss of reputation if certain issues are not clarified e.

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And a satisfactory answer should be found to: does nuclear power really contribute to the solution of global problems? Some key-words give orientations: peace guarantee by careful treatment of resources, by reduction of material needs particularly in Third World countries, generally by prevention of allocation conflicts; environmental improvements by reduction of pollution, by termination of excessive exploitation of raw materials, generally by prevention of a climate catastrophe; social security by preservation of the democratic industrial society, by long-term coverage of demands, generally by retention of economic and ecologic efficiencies.

Based on these key-words we have to elaborate new Fat Burning Wobblei plaat for the nineties.

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A new dialogue seems to be possible although it will take time particularly in a country like the Federal Republic of Germany.