Fat Burning Zone Bike

Integreeritud Apple Health treeningute, pulsi ja muu jaoks. Integrates with daily activity trackers and step trackers. The spacing between the pedals is only 17 cm.

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One of the best exercise bikes for home use on the market, the Exercise Bike inSPORTline Valdosa combines a stylish ergonomic design, Fat Burning Zone Bike and functionality. It will help you improve your fitness, lose weight and strengthen your leg muscles from the comfort of your home.

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This machine Aquico Multi Slim not only effective but also extremely comfortable — you can adjust the position both horizontal and vertical of the wide seat to fit your Fat Burning Zone Bike.

You can also adjust the angle of the mesh backrest.

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Moreover, the water bottle holder will help you stay hydrated during the workout. The distance between the pedals is only 17 centimeters, allowing for ergonomic motion — you will like you are riding a real bike.

Fat Burning Zone Bike

The recumbent is easy to use, with the large, easy-to-read LCD screen displaying all the important information. You can choose from 12 preset programs, an HRC program which automatically adjusts the resistance to make the workout as efficient as possible or a WATT program which helps you stay in the optimal watt zone during the workout. You can also create and save your own program.

Fat Burning Zone Bike

The electromagnetic braking system allows for quiet running while the heart rate monitors built into the handles and the chest strap not included help you track your heart rate. Comfortable and adjustable saddle High quality workmanship and robust frame ensure high stability and load capacity up to kg.

Fat Burning Zone Bike

The construction is not only solid, but also cleverly designed. Low onset just few centimeters off the ground allows the use by elderly or people with mobility restrictions.

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The spacing between the pedals is only 17 cm. The movement is thus very natural and similar to pedaling on a real bike.

Robust and sophisticated construction The wide saddle is very comfortable, so you can withstand long training sessions without any unpleasant pressure.

You can adjust the seat height and distance from the handlebar to suit your needs. Everyone can find a comfortable sitting. Ideální program si vybere každý You can choose from a wide range of programs.

Of course, you can set your custom program exactly according to your requirements.


Practical tweaks Of course we also think about the comfort of the user. On the frame you will find a bottle holder that will help in keeping the drinking Kuidas eemaldada rasva lihav poskedest. On side handles you can adjust the load with buttons without the need to touch the display.

Fat Burning Zone Bike

In spite of the higher weight of the machine, it can be easily moved according to needs thanks to the transport wheels. Stable exercise bike for home use Quiet running Comfortable adjustable seat both horizontally and vertically Low and spacious step-through design suitable for older users and users with limited mobility Easy-to-read display and variety of programs Chest strap signal receiver 5kHz — chest strap is not included, we recommend using Polar chest straps HRC program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in optimal heart rate zone WATT program: machine automatically adjusts resistance to keep user in in preset WATT zone e.