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Thank you, you are the loml.

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I ended up being unable to settle on a colour so this aesthetic blurb really just turned into a stream of consciousness type essay. Please Chicos Sobsad puksid anyways.

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Disclaimer: A lot of cheesy language coming up ahead. When we hit the road, we made a pact. Three hours in and we were hopelessly lost.

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Not that you admitted it then. You pretended not to notice when I squeezed your hand tighter.

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We clocked up the miles, collected our souvenirs, and crossed every city from our bucket list. We stayed the longest in a beautiful ocean town. Towards the end of our trip, as our Toyota Camry merged onto the highway and that little ocean town became a speck in the rearview mirror, you asked me what had been my favourite part.

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Which was my favourite town? My favourite roads?

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My favourite memory? I will answer you now.

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My favourite destination will always be you. You are my comfort and my home. My favourite road is the Kaalulangus 5 jalga 2 traced by my fingers as they dance up your spine. You shiver so beautifully under my touch. And my favourite memory?

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Ever the devout scholar, I charted your topography, mapping every landmark in the dark, and committed them to memory. In the light of day, I Chicos Sobsad puksid in your features anew and I discovered you were just as beautiful under the morning sun as you were under my sheets.

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But still you intertwined your fingers in mine and drew my hand up for a kiss. I was whole before I met you, and whole after still.


I did not need you in my life to stop a gap in my heart. But I want you here—in my life, in my heart.

In my present, in my future. You are courageous, and beautiful, and kind; you are familiar, and warm, and dear.

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