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Go easy on the booze: Having alcohol with your meal means you consume on average more calories a day. Kuna meie hotellis oli ka tasuta rattarendi võimalus, siis ei jätnud me seda kasutamata, vaid kihutasime ratastel Newport Beachi Randa avastama.

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Magnetic brake system, long rail, number of programs, comes with chest belt. You can use the electronic control panel to adjust the resistance.

As a result, you can make full use of the HRC program which automatically adjusts the resistance to the optimum heart rate, thus making not only the workout but also fat burning more effective the chest belt is included. You may also appreciate the comfortable, padded seat which is covered with synthetic leather.

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The Rowing Machine inSPORTline Yukona features an easy-to-read display on which you can follow all the important information: time, distance, calories burned, number of strokes, strokes per minute and heart rate which is measured through a chest belt included.

You can choose from as many as 21 programs: 15 preset programs, 4 user programsHRC program exercise based on heart rate and manual program. Key features: High quality magnetic brake system Long rail Easy-to-use Comfortable padded seat It can be stored in vertical position machine is supported by the front part of the construction HRC program: this machine can increase or decrease the resistance to keep your heart rate in optimal heart rate zone Computer displays: time, distance, calories Air Squats Fat Loss, number of strokes, strokes per minute, heart rate Technical description:.

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